CML SPBGU Company has developed a remote control system for the model of an excavator

Published at May 25, 2017

Within the framework of cooperation with "IZ-KARTEKS named after PG Korobkov" CML SPBGU Company has developed a remote control system for the model of the excavator ECG-10.

As a result of the work performed by the company "LKM SPbGU" was produced:

  • re-equipment and processing of the provided model of the excavator;
  • equipment of the layout with additional equipment;
  • installation and connection of data transmission equipment "excavator layout" - "remote control panel";
  • installation of additional control PCs equipped with equipment for connection to remote control, PC visualization;
  • design and installation of equipment forrewiring video projectors and signal CAN-bus remote control-control;
  • remote control software of the excavator model of the caterpillar tracked ECG-10:
    • on-board computer software layout;
    • to collect video from a camera mounted in the cockpit layout of the driver, transfer them to a remote control unit and displayed on the projection system, remote control;
    • software for transferring control signals from the remote control panel to the motor control system of the layout;
    • a mathematical model that provides the maximum likelihood of movement and work of the layout of the real excavator ECG-10 by correcting the control signals;
    • Information and Diagnostic System ECG-10, you can monitor the state of the layout of the prototype systems;
    • Control system software, configuration and diagnostics of the complex.


CML SPBGU Company developed Loading Control System software

CML SPBGU developed Loading Control System software to calculate and control the service, loading and stability of the vessel.

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