CML SPBGU Company completed the first stage of R&D work «X-mas tree»

Published at January 9, 2018

CML SPBGU Company completed the first stage of part of R&D work «Development, manufacture and testing of a prototype of an underwater christmas tree and choke module» («X-mas tree»). This work was carried out in the framework of the event 2.1 "Development of new technologies and creation of innovative projects for the production of civil marine and river equipment" Subprograms 2 "Development of the technological potential of civil shipbuilding and engineering for offshore development" of the State Program of the Russian Federation "Development of Shipbuilding and Equipment for Opening Offshore Fields for 2013-2030".

The company performed work on creating a set of initial conditions for modeling the valve block of the Christmas tree and the choke module in the annular space blowdown valve part; main gate valve annulus; lateral access valve annulus; chemical supply valve; demulsifiers supply valve; block valve at the wellhead; central gate valve at the wellhead), a system of internal pipelines of the flow head of the main fluid flow and the fitting module.


CML SPBGU Company has developed a mathematical model of the power plant of a mining excavator

The developed model simulates the operation of power drives, auxiliary equipment, pneumatic system and calculates the heat balance in the excavator systems.

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