CML SPBGU Company developed software of the standcable laying ship management system

Published at November 1, 2014

Testing stand integrated cable laying vessel control system is a software and hardware system including a part of the control system, or a simulation program, and program modules for 3D-imaging vessel and an underwater ROV dampers. In addition it includes networking software modules, with real equipment or its imitation and mathematical models of the motion of the ship and the underwater dampers made in the form of software modules. This stand can be used for debugging and validation of cable management algorithms.

The software developed by CML SPBGU Company includes:

  • a simulator of a video surveillance system that provides a visual imitation of a cable television surveillance system when performing cable operations;
  • a visualization system of the stern of the cable laying vessel, providing a visual imitation of the cable ship's stern during the performance of cable operations;
  • the Instructor, providing formation of exercises and initial data for visualization of cable operations;
  • the module interaction with external devices or software emulators using the Modbusprotocol and data transfer NMEA 2000.


CML SPBGU Company completed the first stage of R&D work «X-mas tree»

Thecompany provided pre-design work to create a set of initial conditions for modeling the equipment of underwater christmas tree.

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