CML SPBGU Company has developed a mathematical model of the power plant of a mining excavator

Published at July 1, 2015

CML SPBGU Company has developed a mathematical model of the power plant and auxiliary systems for the simulator of a career excavator. As a prototype has performed mine excavator EKG-18R production by "IZ-KARTEKS named after P.G. Korobkov" and equiped be LLC "United Energy". The mathematical model of a real-time simulates the operation of the actuators, auxiliary equipment, pneumatic, also model allows the calculation of the heat balance in the system of a dredge.

As part of the development of the mathematical model of the power plant, work was done on modeling the three-phase AC power network and the power part of the DC network.

The mathematical model simulates the work of the following power drives of the excavator:

  • lifting;
  • pressure;
  • turn;
  • course.

All presented drives are built on DC motors. The mathematical model describes not only the operation of the motors themselves, but also precisely repeats the drive control system, which allows achieving high realism in the work of the simulator.

Auxiliary electrical equipment, whose work is also simulated by a mathematical model, includes:

  • engines for cooling, lubrication, ventilation and compressor;
  • searchlight, working and emergency lighting;
  • bucket opening drive;
  • cable drum drive;
  • accessories.

The developed mathematical model simulates not only the operation of excavator systems under normal conditions, but also with the introduction of non-emergency situations and partial failure of equipment.

The developed mathematical model takes data from the controls of the excavator's cab that are part of the simulator:

  • Armchair-console with control and display consoles;
  • Cabinet control cabin equipment.

The results of the calculation are prepared for the conclusion:

  • Indicators of an armchair-console;
  • the cabinet of devices;
  • Information Diagnostic System (IDS) excavator.


CML SPBGU Company developed software of the standcable laying ship management system

Developed software includes a video surveillance system simulator, a cable harness visualization system, an Instructor application, a module for interaction with external devices.

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