Operator WKS for operation of ACS SPS

The software product is intended for the organization of visual and effective training of students in the direction "Oil and gas production in offshore oil and gas facilities" and related training areas.

The software provides practical experience, skills and knowledge necessary for operators to manage the equipment of subsea production complexes. The software allows to simulate both regular and emergency situations that may arise during the operation of the equipment of the ubsea production complex.

During the training process oil can be simulated in one of three ways - fountain, mechanically (using electric centrifugal pumps) and using a gaslift.

The software of the operator stations is represented by a preinstalled operating system and software providing the possibility of calculating the simulation model and displaying:

  • 3D-field simulating the maintenance of SPS objects through ROV;
  • 2D representations of all process control systems;
  • video frames of the remote automatic control system of FMC production, where separate fragments and systems of the technological scheme of the deposit are displayed.

The simulation model included in the software calculates all modeled parameters systems when operated in the emergency mode state and in the real and accelerated (5 and 25 times) time.

Detailed three-dimensional scene allows you to view at any angle and from any point the design of all objects of the deposit. Visual perception of the three-dimensional scene allows for detailed analysis to facilitate understanding of complex spatial structures and the dynamics of physical and technological processes.

To conduct refresher courses and retraining of specialists who have experience in the field of production operations, interactive software is equipped with a remote automatic control system that simulates a management system interface owned by a specific equipment manufacturer. The DAU system allows monitoring of current system parameters.

Software station operators submitted pre-installed operating system and software, you can:.

  • the creation of a virtual class of operators, in accordance with their number and location in the real class;
  • creation or adjustment of a set of scenarios for the development of certain skills;
  • load and save scenarios at any time for the entire class as a whole, as well as for the individual operator;
  • monitoring the actions of the operator;
  • introduction of failures and malfunctions of systems


CML SPBGU Company has developed a remote control system for the model of an excavator

Within the framework of cooperation with LLC "IZ-KARTEKS named after P.G. Korobkov" CML SPBGU Company has developed a remote control system for the model of the excavator ECG-10.

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