Complex of imitation of the excavator

The complex provides the ability to simulate the control of the excavator by means of controls placed in the cabins of real excavators and visualization of the actions of the excavator simulating the view from the cab.

The complex for simulating the work of a mining excavator can be used to check, debug and demonstrate the operation of equipment placed on real quarry excavators, as well as to conduct activities to develop practical skills in working with an excavator.

The design of the equipment of the complex provides convenient access to all necessary control mechanisms and means of indication.

The complex allows:

  • to manage the model of a mining excavator using real controls;
  • visualize the actions of the model of a mining excavator on a cylindrical projection screen;
  • simulate the work of the information and diagnostic system of a mining excavator;
  • providing verification of the operation of algorithms with equipment (HW) of the control object.

Model crawler excavator with a hydraulic drive is a copy of a real excavator, simulates all the actions of the prototype. It is made of metal and plastic, has a high degree of detail. The model is controlled by a radio channel. The model is equipped with a video camera placed in the cab of the excavator to transfer the image to the visualization system.

Armchair remote represents the actual seat to be placed in the cab of the excavator, and has a control and display console, provided with two four-axis joysticks; panels of the equipment status light indication, control panels of the drive circuits switching. The chair is placed on a dynamic platform to simulate angular displacements driver seat when the excavation.

The projection system provides a high level of immersion and interactivity and creates the impression of the presence in the cab of a working excavator.

Computer system, presented in the form of an industrial tablet computer, allows you to display information obtained from sensors placed on a model of a mining excavator, or from a mathematical model. In the process of work, the Information and Diagnostic System allows monitoring the state of the control system and drives, fixing possible errors and identifying the causes of failures.


CML SPBGU Company develops a New Imitating Model for the LNG Tanker Processes

The developed imitating model allows display of data in real time retrieved from "ship sensors". The model takes the external conditions changes and the wide range of parameters of the system into account.

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