Stand for testing navigation equipment

The stand is intended for placing navigational equipment and means of vessel control in order to check, debug and demonstrate the operation of equipment placed on sea vessels.

Demonstration and debugging stand is a software and hardware complex combining the ship's control console with real or simulated controls and information display tools placed on it, and a panoramic visualization system that provides high-quality three-dimensional graphics.

The ship control console simulates a navigational bridge of a small vessel, on which:

  • embedded electronic mapping system - designed to simulate the operation of a real ECS with the preservation of all functionality (Display on the screen ENC; Monitoring the safety of navigation; Monitoring AIS-objectives);
  • lever steering system - designed for manual and automatic traffic control vessel at low speeds using propellers, thrusters and rudders;
  • steering wheel and telegraph - designed to control the ship.

The administrator's workplace is represented by a personal computer with a monitor on which the "Scene editor" software is pre-installed, which allows editing elements and parameters of three-dimensional scenes.

The "Scene Editor" software provides the user with the following options:

  • selection of the navigation area - in accordance with the customer's desire, a set of areas available for three-dimensional mapping is formed, completely corresponding to the real place;
  • selection and arrangement of active and passive vessels - in accordance with the desire of the Customer, a set of models of vessels of any type available for 3D display is developed with any level of detail;
  • creation and editing of routes for the movement of passive vessels - the program allows not only to specify routes, but also to choose a mathematical model of behavior of various types of vessels;
  • setting the time of day and hydrometeorological situation - all user-defined parameters are displayed on a three-dimensional scene, and also affect the behavior of selected vessels;
  • editing navigational situation (arrangement of floating navigation signs) - the user is given the opportunity to select different types of navigation signs and set the parameters of their operation;
  • addition of scene objects - the user is given the opportunity to personalize the scene by adding various objects (houses, trees, people, etc.).

Thanks to the modular structure of the stand and the possibility of reconfiguring the equipment and software included in its structure, the following projects can be created on its basis:

  • a set of debugging navigation equipment that allows you to check and demonstrate the operation of various ship controls, and information display facilities, input and output modules;
  • navigation simulators that allow the training of personnel serving various types of vessels;
  • various museum projects, including virtual tours of various ports of the world and historical reconstruction of significant events.


CML SPBGU Company developed Loading Control System software

CML SPBGU developed Loading Control System software to calculate and control the service, loading and stability of the vessel.

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