CML SPBGU Company completed the first stage of R&D work «X-mas tree»

Published at January 9, 2018

Thecompany provided pre-design work to create a set of initial conditions for modeling the equipment of underwater christmas tree.

CML SPBGU Company took part in the work of SPIEF

Published at June 7, 2017

CML SPBGU Company together with "IZ-KARTEKS named after PG Korobkov" took part in the 21 th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which was held from 1 to 3 June 2017 in CEC "Expoforum" in St. Petersburg .

CML SPBGU delivered «Operator WKS for operation of ACS SPS» to the Murmansk State Technical University

Published at June 10, 2016

CML SPBGU together with the MSTU prepared a laboratory for 3D-modeling of oil and gas processes on the basis of the Offshore Exploration Department.

CML SPBGU Company developed software of the standcable laying ship management system

Published at November 1, 2014

Developed software includes a video surveillance system simulator, a cable harness visualization system, an Instructor application, a module for interaction with external devices.

CML SPBGU Company developed Loading Control System software

Published at July 11, 2014

CML SPBGU developed Loading Control System software to calculate and control the service, loading and stability of the vessel.

CML SPBGU Company develops a New Imitating Model for the LNG Tanker Processes

Published at November 5, 2013

The developed imitating model allows display of data in real time retrieved from "ship sensors". The model takes the external conditions changes and the wide range of parameters of the system into account.

CML SPBGU Company participated in the RAO / CIS Offshore 2017

Published at September 17, 2017

CML SPBGU Company took part in the 13th International Conference and Exhibition for Oil and Gas Resources of the Russian Arctic and CIS Continental Shelf "RAO / CIS Offshore 2017".

CML SPBGU Company has developed a remote control system for the model of an excavator

Published at May 25, 2017

Within the framework of cooperation with LLC "IZ-KARTEKS named after P.G. Korobkov" CML SPBGU Company has developed a remote control system for the model of the excavator ECG-10.

CML SPBGU Company has developed a mathematical model of the power plant of a mining excavator

Published at July 1, 2015

The developed model simulates the operation of power drives, auxiliary equipment, pneumatic system and calculates the heat balance in the excavator systems.

CML SPBGU Company developed new mathematical model of well-layer-pump system

Published at July 14, 2014

This model allows prediction of local and integrated characteristics of a sheeted system under various conditions of impact on it, and to find the optimal operating conditions of the fields.

CML SPBGU Company tested ships model

Published at December 22, 2013

Ships model were tested in the AT-11 wind tunnel. The data received was used for further modeling of three types of vessels. These calculations were used to improve and debug Load Control System software.

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