CML SPBGU Company developed Loading Control System software

Published at July 11, 2014

The company "coatings SPBU has developed a software system for Loading Control System designed to calculate the load landing options and stability of the vessel control its changes. The software also it helps to maintain hull and voyage planning:

  • Ships loading calculation depending on the quantity of the fuel oil, ballast, cargo including liquid cargo;
  • landing options calculation, vessels stability and strength of the hull and compared with the allowable limits for different sea/weather conditions in order to improve the safety.

Additionally, the software allows you to train and certification crew members of the tankers, fishing vessels, cargo vessel ships, navy ships and the personnel responsible for the safety of loading operations. Software complex Loading Control System helps students gain the knowledge needed to perform safely and effectively their dutie.


CML SPBGU Company tested ships model

Ships model were tested in the AT-11 wind tunnel. The data received was used for further modeling of three types of vessels. These calculations were used to improve and debug Load Control System software.

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