Computer Modelling Lab SPBGU Limitef Company (CML) develops mathematical models in the following areas

Simulation and Control of Complex Articulated Objects

CML develops mathematical models of the complex articulated objects and its real-time behaviour. Our company also can solve control tasks, as well as develop educational applications.

Movement of Water-Displacing Objects

We develop the mathematical models describing real time behaviors of water-displacing objects on the surface of the water in order to solve both research and educational problems.

3D Modelling of Technical Objects

We develop high-quality 3D models of various technical objects to display it in real-time for games or professional applications.

Electric Current of Complicated Topology

We develop mathematical models describing real-time behaviors of electrical networks, including generation and distribution electricity to the consumers, and for solving educational problems.

Hydraulic Systems of Complex Topology

We develop the mathematical models describing real time behavior of hydraulic systems of complex topologies to solve leaks diagnostics, expert control development, and educational tasks.


CML SPBGU Company develops a New Imitating Model for the LNG Tanker Processes

The developed imitating model allows display of data in real time retrieved from "ship sensors". The model takes the external conditions changes and the wide range of parameters of the system into account.

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