CML SPBGU Company developed new mathematical model of well-layer-pump system

Published at July 14, 2014

CML SPBGU Company developed a new mathematical model of a well-layer-pump system. This model allows prediction of local and integrated characteristics of sheeted system under various conditions of impact on it, and to find the optimal operating conditions of the fields.

Parameters of a well can be calculated by the pressure distribution curves of in NKT and EK according to the C. A. Sakharov method. The method is improved by of the viscosity and density calculation. This method is based on single degassing of the crude oil according to the I. I. Mishchenko and I. I. Ganushkina method. The natural gas separation in the submersible equipment suction is calculated using P. D. Lepkova methods.

Operation of the borehole elevator is simulated by M. A. Mokhova and V.A. Sakharova methods.

Simulation of the oil and gas layer is based on Darci's techniques with Stending corrections. Data interpretation of gas inflow take into account the phase penetration with three phase filtration. Distribution of pressure in layer calculated by the Dupuy formula.

A big contribution to creation of mathematical model of work of oil and gas layer was made by Professor M. H. Khayrullin Ph.D. (Kazan Institute of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences) consulting our team.

The developed mathematical model can be applied in oil and gas industry training systems.


CML SPBGU delivered «Operator WKS for operation of ACS SPS» to the Murmansk State Technical University

CML SPBGU together with the MSTU prepared a laboratory for 3D-modeling of oil and gas processes on the basis of the Offshore Exploration Department.

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