Hydraulic Systems of Complex Topology

We develop the mathematical models describing real time behavior of hydraulic systems of complex topologies to solve leaks diagnostics, expert control development, and educational tasks.

The Laboratory of Computer Modelling provides:

  • Simulation models for hydraulic systems which are calculated by taking the geometric and topological characteristics and restrictions of the hydraulic network, heat and power units into consideration;
  • Expert control system development to track changes of parameters of complex hydraulic systems;
  • Define the zones of admissible operational parameters of the thermal-hydraulic networks which contains deposits (paraffins) and clogged orifice of the gas pipeline with hydrate deposits;
  • Expert systems algorithms validation in conjunction with the simulated hydraulic scheme of the object.


Development of mathematical models can be done in environments such as ANSYS and Pipe or in C, C++, and C#. The customer receives it as firmware or dll.

The necessary input data includes:

  • Thermal-hydraulic network model description. It should also include the characteristics of the network like heat and power units;
  • monitoring system information (including sensors), for further evaluation of the accuracy of the model.


CML SPBGU Company developed new mathematical model of well-layer-pump system

This model allows prediction of local and integrated characteristics of a sheeted system under various conditions of impact on it, and to find the optimal operating conditions of the fields.

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