Electric Current of Complicated Topology

We develop mathematical models describing real-time behaviors of electrical networks, including generation and distribution electricity to the consumers, and for solving educational problems.

Computer Modelling Laboratory allows:

  • Creation of simulation model taking the topological characteristics of the electrical network including transmission lines, distribution boards, and power units into account. Also taking the restrictions imposed on their work into account;
  • Creation of control algorithms to track changes of operational parameters of complex AC power units;
  • Definitions of operational parameters’ changes in service;
  • Validation of errors and robustness of control algorithms for power networks and plants.


The development of mathematical models can be done in Tokarev’s environment (developed by the St. Petersburg State Electro-Technical University) or in C, C++, and C#. The customer receives model as firmware or as a DLL.

The input data necessary for completion of a simulation task includes:

  • Description of the simulated electrical networks and the characteristics of its objects;
  • Information about the monitoring system (including sensors) for further evaluation of the accuracy of the model.


CML SPBGU Company completed the first stage of R&D work «X-mas tree»

Thecompany provided pre-design work to create a set of initial conditions for modeling the equipment of underwater christmas tree.

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