Simulation and Control of Complex Articulated Objects

CML develops mathematical models of the complex articulated objects and its real-time behaviour. Our company also can solve control tasks, as well as develop educational applications.

The Laboratory of Computer Modelling:

  • Validates the kinematic, static, dynamic and resonant restrictions of the objects.
  • Develops simulation models taking the geometric, mass, and energetic characteristics of the elements of the object into account.
  • Allows tracking and adaptive control of complex objects with restrictions to reach the main control goals like angle, linear and angular acceleration errors
  • Provides verification of the algorithm of the control object.


Mathematical model development can be performed in environments such as SimMechanics or Simulink or in programming languages such as C, C++, and C#. The customer receives the models as firmware or as a DLL.

The input data necessary for completion of a simulation task includes:

  • A description of the design of the simulated object with dimensions and the superimposed movement restrictions;
  • Information about the monitoring system (including sensors for further evaluation of the accuracy of the model;
  • Weight and dimensions of the object and its parts and the features of installed drives.


CML SPBGU Company has developed a mathematical model of the power plant of a mining excavator

The developed model simulates the operation of power drives, auxiliary equipment, pneumatic system and calculates the heat balance in the excavator systems.

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